Universal OCT spinal stabilization

Ulrich neon3™ system has the highest degree of stability on the market. Features include a unique C1/C2 screw fixation, which can be combined with stable-angle screws (neon™).


  • Universal system for posterior stabilization of the cervical spine
  • From occiputal to the upper-thoracic spine
  • All techniques of screw placement
  • Polyaxial and cannulated screws
  • CAS prepared


  • Cannulated screws for secure screw placement
  • Introduction of the screws via the trocar system
  • Highly precise drill guide with simple depth adjustment
  • Prepared for navigation – no additional instruments needed
  • OC plates with back-out protection for screws
  • User-friendly
  • Ergonomic instruments for perfect control
  • Polyaxial tulip screws with and without preangulation
  • High degree of flexibility due to a large selection of connectors
  • Color-coding of implants and instruments
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