Anterior distraction device plus

Ulrich ADDPlus™ Expandable vertebral body replacement implant system with attached fixation plates for added stability for the surgical reconstruction of the thoracic and lumbar spine after vertebrectomy (T1-L5)


  • Cervical, cervicothoracic
  • Increasing angles with increasing implant size (0°–18°)
  • Notches for the use of a reduction instrument
  • ADDplus fixation to the vertebral bodies
  • Using screws from the osmium™ system
  • Monocortical or bicortical screw anchoring


  • Necessary for multisegmental spondylodesis in the upper spine (C3-Th3)
  • Instabilities of various genesis due to complete or incomplete corpectomy as a result of vertebral body destruction due to e.g. tumor or fracture.

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