Unique translational movement

activL® from B.Braun is the lumbar disc prosthesis for the motion preserving treatment of degenerative disc disease of the lumbar spine. The main objectives of the treatment are fast pain reduction and the preservation/restoration of segmental function and motion. The specific design of activL® allows the protection of the adjacent level. The unique translational movement of activL® is designed to minimize biomechanical stress at the facet joints and to avoid facet joint arthrosis in a medium- and long-term prospect.


  •  Convex prosthesis plates
  • Anatomical adapted footprint
  • Differentiated implant design for L5-S1
  • Spikes and/or Keel
  • Plamapore® coating
  • Specific PE material for the Inlay
  • Instrumentation for the lateral approach
  • Free choice of direction of approach (angulation)


Motion preserving total disc replacement (TDR)/disc arthroplasty in case of:

  • Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD) with leg and/or back pain and/or neurological deficits in legs and/or feet with or without disc herniation.
  • Lumbar discopathy and / or black disc syndrome.
  • Monosegmental or bisegmental disc degeneration between L3-S1.

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